Upcoming Events:

Ninja Warrior Meets Alopecia: Rescheduled TBD

Molly Meets Lindsay Walter!

The Ninja Alopecia event was canceled, but Molly had a chance to connect with Lindsay Walter 1:1 for an interview prior to social distancing measures and gym closures. These two are inspiring and sure to leave you smiling. See the full interview and image highlights here.

We kicked off 2020 with a great Project Molly’s Eyes event focusing on showcasing the beauty of alopecia. Special guest, Madison Jordan, also joined in and was a wonderful mentor to the girls. Please view the full post with inspiring quotes and images here.


Molly has gone to two local elementary schools to give MOLLYtalks to her peers. She shares background on her story, encourages anti-bullying and inspires her peers to Carve Out Courage!! You can view the first MOLLYtalk at Lily Lake Elementary HERE.

Project Molly’s Eyes 2019 Event

Project Molly’s Eyes was started when Molly was a year old. The purpose is to share beautiful children affected by cleft lip & palates as well as other special needs through photography and text. It aims to give a human connection to many of the sterile fact pages you find online about cleft lip and palate. Photo sessions are free. We hope to make the next Project Molly’s Eyes event with alopecian kids. Click HERE to see more.

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