“I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.”

R.J. Palacio
Standing Ovation at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN during the “Be Cowboy” honoree presentation

Molly and her mom, Abbey Steffl, sat down with the gifted journalist, Mary Divine of the Pioneer press, to tell their story from alopecia universalis diagnosis to American Ninja Warrior feature and how Molly “carved out courage” along the way. Divine is a skilled journalist with beautiful attention to detail and ability to articulate emotion through text. Read the article HERE.

American Ninja Warrior featured Molly with superstar athlete, Kevin Bull, during the American Ninja Warrior Vegas Finals Season 11. Watch HERE. ***Molly’s feature starts at minute 6.

Kevin also has alopecia universalis and has been and incredible mentor to Molly. She connected with him through the Children’s Alopecia Project or CAP program. He said dealing with alopecia is difficult, especially at first, but if you’re resilient (referring to Molly) you’ll find your way.

Jana Shortal of Breaking the News- NBC KARE11 knew Molly had a lot more to say about her experiences leading her to where she is today. Click HERE to watch her powerful and inspirational piece on anti-bullying: Bullied No More, Molly Steffl has something to say.

BONUS! Shortal is an example of courage and resilience herself for the work she has done in her field of “Breaking the Unspoken Dress Code”. It is an honor she, and her talented team, shared Molly’s message and heart with the country.

After Molly’s interview with Jana went national, it caught the attention of the Professional Bull Riders or PBR. They were headed to MN and wanted Molly to be there next Be Cowboy honoree for her courage to take a stand against bullying. Watch the RidePass piece with Matt West & Justin Felisko HERE and read the PBR article by Felisko HERE.

Molly was asked to give a pre-ride pep talk to all of the riders. She ended her speech with telling them all to Carve Out Courage! She was also given a special VIP treatment from the entire PBR team and CBS. She was treated like the star of the night.

Group Photo By: PBR photographer Andy Watson

Molly had the honor of being contacted by Our Life Logs. They learned about her story through American Ninja Warrior and found it inspiring. Our Life Logs is self described as a global initiative that believes in common human experiences that connect all of us. Molly was interviewed and her story was written by the talented Colleen Walker and edited by Kristen Petronio based on Molly’s life experiences. Read the story HERE.

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