Meet Molly!

Molly was born with a severe unilateral cleft lip and bilateral cleft palate. She was also born courageous and beaming with light! When Molly was five, and in preschool, she was bullied because of her cleft lip and palate scares. The stress from bullying triggered her autoimmune disease, alopecia areata, which later developed into alopecia universalis when she was eight years old. Molly struggled as she lost all of her hair in a very short time. Yet, with support from family, friends, new friends, strangers and incredible life experiences, she found her light again. She now describes these tough times as “Carving Out Courage”. She is an example of triumph over adversity and resilience.

Molly now dreams of turning her message of using tough times to carve out courage into a foundation, which works to build resilience in kids across the country!

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